Roots Revival
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About Brandi Bohlman

I’m a twenty-two-year-old Midwest wild heart. I have my degree in Nutrition and Environmental Sustainability. My deepest passions are rooted in the outdoors and working with the Earth. There is an instant gratification in slipping your hands through the soil to encourage something to grow, and then honoring that plant in the kitchen to nourish your body and fuel adventure. 

In the era of endless fast-food joints, restaurants and grocery stores, it is important to understand where our food comes from and what that means nutritionally and environmentally. Today there is a disconnect between the producer and consumer. Roots Revival is about bridging that gap and providing inspiration to be more connected to the systems that exist around us. It is about getting back to our roots and awakening the heritage of growing and consuming fresh whole foods, while enjoying optimal health during life's greatest explorations

My interest in sustainable food production and mindful eating began after learning about deforestation related to cattle grazing at age thirteen. Ever since, I have learned to look at the entire system as to how our actions impact the environment, and our bodies. During my undergraduate career I did research on biodegradable plastics, and on improvements in donated food pantry items. I spent, and continue to spend my summers working on farms across the country to familiarize myself with different techniques, and farming limitations. As part of my Environmental Sustainability Co-op I was apart of beginning Manitowoc's First Winter Farmers' Market. Currently I am interning with Nourish at their Educational Urban Farm, and working with some of their nutrition-based community outreach programs. 

In addition to exploring the Pacific Northwest, and farming fields of the Midwest, I am a photographer. I enjoy food styling and food photography as a way to connect with my peers and teach about nutrition. I have worked with brands such as Gorilly Goods and Angelic Bakehouse. My media kit is available upon request. 


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